Royal Caribbean Unveils Spectrum of the Seas New Ports


It is heading towards the East.

The Spectrum of the Seas will now dock in Vietnam, South Korea, and Japan, according to Royal Caribbean International.

Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam each have a minimum of four ports of call. Ishigaki and Okinawa in Japan, Busan and Jeju in South Korea, and Nha Trang and Danang in Vietnam are also part of this group.

Among the many outdoor pursuits included in the schedules is a climb of Japan’s Mount Otomo.

Naturally, you’ll be hungry after all that, and the ship’s cuisine is second to none. And it doesn’t even begin to cover the variety of foods available in the local markets and eateries at each stop.

Get in touch with Royal Caribbean to learn about all the amazing sailing locations and destinations.

A repeat of 2023’s spectacular performance, Royal Caribbean is set to a fantastic start this year.


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