This month, Royal Caribbean Group celebrates 30 years of Save the Waves, the company’s inaugural environmental programme. The programme set global standards for environmental management and ocean protection, becoming the basis of the cruise line’s decarbonization strategy, Destination Net Zero.

“Save the Waves has served as a strong foundation for our accomplishments and the ambitious sustainability initiatives we are committed to at Royal Caribbean Group,” said Jason Liberty, Royal Caribbean Group’s president and CEO. For decades, the programme has assisted us in establishing a culture devoted to environmental performance and our commitment to conserving our seas.

Royal Caribbean’s dedication to putting people first, leading with integrity, growing with purpose, driving excellence, and being a force for good gave birth to the programme in 1992.

Among the most significant events in the previous three decades are:

–Introducing the industry’s first dedicated onboard Environmental Officers to assure compliance with waste regulations through daily monitoring, testing, and compliance controls.

–Becoming the first cruise line to get ISO 14001 certification for environmental management.

–Diverting 87% of its trash from landfills via its “Green Hub” waste vendor programme, which ensures that waste is recycled, repurposed, or transferred to a waste-to-energy facility.

–Equipping one hundred percent of its global fleet with cutting-edge waste management facilities, systems, and methods designed to divert waste streams from local landfills.

–Installing on 88% of its fleet modern wastewater purification systems that treat wastewater to requirements twice as severe as U.S. government regulations.

–Providing each crewmember with extensive training Save the Waves training is required for membership, as are adequate waste management standards.

When we initiated Save the Waves decades ago, we made a commitment to ongoing development that we continue to uphold today, according to Nick Rose, Associate Vice President, Environmental Programs at Royal Caribbean Group.

“Throughout my 15-year career at Royal Caribbean Group, including four years as an Environmental Officer, I have been proud to be part of our continual progress in this area, which wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of thousands of crewmembers and millions of guests.”

Royal Caribbean recently built a brand-new terminal in Galveston, Texas, which aligns with the company’s ongoing sustainability objectives, since it is the world’s first LEED Zero Energy facility and generates all of its energy it needs using solar panels.


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