The Ministry of Interior has changed the rules for Indian, Iranian, and Pakistani nationals seeking a visa on arrival. They will need to reserve a hotel for the entire trip through the Discover Qatar website.

The tourist must have reserved a hotel room through the Discover Qatar website.

The length of the visa will be determined by the length of the hotel stay purchased from Discover Qatar, with a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 60 days.

They must meet all additional requirements set forth by the Ministry of the Interior.

This only applies to Indian, Iranian, and Pakistani nationals applying for a ‘Visa on Arrival.’

Discover Qatar stated that even if you are visiting family in Qatar, you must reserve a hotel for the entire period of your trip.

The Discover Qatar website now lists three travel agents from India, Pakistan, and Iran that are authorised to book Discover Qatar hotels for travellers requiring Visa on Arrival assistance.

“The hotels available from this page are exclusively available for those who are required by the Ministry of Interior for the State of Qatar, to purchase a hotel booking in order to satisfy their visa request,” they added.

The approved travel agents are Cutting Edge from India, PCG from Iran, and Travel With Flair from Pakistan.

Visa requirements can be found at

 Discover Qatar has launched a Visa on Arrival hotel option to its website, which is now available for booking. The webpage includes a link to the Ministry of Interior, which states, “For more information on the Visa on Arrival requirement please visit the Ministry of Interior website.”

The Ministry of Interior’s link on the Discover Qatar website shows the visa requirements for various nationalities as well as the types of visas available. The requirements vary depending on nationality and resident country.

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