Qatar Airway Will Fly To 40 Destinations Amid Rebuilding Networks

Qatar Airways continue to rebuild its network with Bangkok, Barcelona, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Singapore, and Vienna resuming flights this week. Consistent with similar decisions from regional rivals Etihad and Emirates- the airline increases to 170 weekly flights to more than 40 destinations.

The airline also announced the continuation of flights to Berlin, Dar es Salaam, New York, Tunis, and Venice. They will also increase services to Dublin, Milan, and Rome to daily flights.

Qatar Airways is offering more choice to its passengers

The airline has also extended its booking policies to offer more choice to its passengers. With unlimited date changes, passengers can change their destination as often as they need if it is within 5,000 miles of the original destination.

The airline has enhanced its safety measures for passengers and cabin crew

The airline has introduced several measures, including personal protective equipment suits for cabin crew while onboard, and a modified service that reduces interactions between the passengers and the crew inflight. Passengers are required to wear face coverings inflight. The travelers are also recommended to bring their own for fit and comfort purposes.

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