Portuguese Toursim Board Alters Tagline To #CantSkipHope To Offer Reassurance Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

The Portuguese Tourism Board has altered its tagline from #CantSkipPortugal to #CantSkipHope as the coronavirus outbreak continues to impact the world. The new message signals hope in such dire circumstances.

With this new initiative, the Portuguese Tourism board wants to encourage tourists, tourism professionals and the Portuguese people that now is the time to pause, unite and work towards moving forward and battling this crisis. Their message of #CantSkipHope has been translated into a video that highlights the best of Portugal; the landscapes, the moments, the people and the monuments. It is a reminder to everyone to patiently wait until they can go outdoors and experience the world once again. 

Algarve, Portugal

A message of hope in these difficult times 

Incidentally, the video was conceived and produced by all teams working from home. It consists of recent archive footage from the Portuguese Tourism Board and voiceover using a smartphone. Luís Araújo, President of the Portuguese Tourism Board, highlights the message of the film: “Above all, we would like for this film to serve as an inspiration for a broader reflection and that it would also be an example of a country’s effort to raise awareness and unite everyone to overcome this difficult moment in human history.”



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