Paris To Go Under Limited Lockdown For One Month

Paris will go under a limited lockdown for a month according to latest news reports. French Prime Minister Jean Castex has officially announced a month-long limited lockdown for Paris and other regions to contain the spread of COVID-19 cases. Non-essential businesses will remain closed and movement outside will be restricted in affected regions. However, outdoor exercise will be allowed up to 10 km from home and schools will stay open.

New measures have been put in place due to rising COVID-19 cases

In a press conference, the Prime Minister said: “We are adopting a third way, a way that should allow braking (of the epidemic) without locking (people) up.” He explained that the measures have been taken in light  of rising COVID-19 cases. As per records, around 1200 people are in intensive care in the Paris region alone. 

He went on to emphasize that those from affected regions will not be allowed to leave except for essential business. Restrictions imposed this time will be less severe in nature and confinement measures will not be like those imposed in March 2020 when COVID first hit the country. Additionally, the nationwide curfew in France will also be relaxed. 

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