The Swedish company Oceansky which is a part of the Ocean Group International, Known for their largest flying vehicle in the world has set plans to launch their new odyssey. 

They set on making history by landing on North Pole with the first hybrid airship. They have said to launch tickets for the unique journey soon. They have promised to offer the highest level of comfort and the initial flights are to start in the year 2024.

The start of the expedition is from Longyearbyen, Svalbard and then fly’s and lands in North Pole. On the flight, the 16 passengers will be served an arctic inspired menu prepared on board by an award-winning chef and when they land in North pole they will have an excursion of the artic plain.

The vehicles are lighter than the other air vehicles which gives them an added advantage of being airborne for days. Its also very efficient that there is no requirement of an airport for take off and landing. In the recent there are other companies trying to adapt to these as well for the use of both cargo and passenger flights.

Carl-Oscar Lawaczeck, chief executive and founder of OceanSky said, “The expedition to the North Pole is for the traveller who wants to experience the Arctic in a unique way, and at the same time contribute to the development of sustainable travel.”

The company was found in the year 2014 with a lot of R&D done by them to create a ari vehicle which is lighter than the rest, sustainable and create more alternatives for people to travel in, in the aviation industry. The aircraft is a hybrid one combining buoyant lift from helium with aerodynamic lift created by the shape of its hull.

The aircraft is a 100 meters long, has four propellers which gets them to fly for days, the cabins are luxurious and designed to imitate a five star hotel. It also has large panoramic windows and a spacious cabin. The cabin is not pressurised, which gives a quiet environment on board with pleasant air and low and slow flights.


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