Norwegian Improves Its Global Climate CDP Ranking


Norwegian improves and attains the maximum possible score in numerous categories for its emission reduction activities in this year’s global climate ranking by the international organization CDP. Norwegian obtains an overall B grade and the highest possible score in the categories of risk management practices, risk disclosure, and reporting and verification of direct and indirect energy supply emissions (Scopes 1 and 2).

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is an environmental organisation that oversees the global environmental disclosure system. The CDP releases annual climate rankings. Norwegian’s climate impact strategy is measured in numerous categories, and the airline received an overall score of B for 2023, an improvement over last year. This is a significant recognition of Norway’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“We have committed to ambitious targets and are actively taking measures to reduce the company’s climate impact. It is therefore both rewarding and motivating to see that the hard work we are doing, leads to improvement in more categories than before. This means a lot to us and confirms that our strategy is working,” said Anders Fagernaes, Norwegian’s Vice President of Sustainability.

Norwegian began publishing its efforts to combat climate change through CDP in 2021 and has made significant progress, with favorable effects. Working with transparency through the Carbon Disclosure Project is a key component of Norway’s response to the growing demand for environmental transparency from investors, financial institutions, customers, and legislators.

Fagernæs said, “We have a strategy for reducing the company’s climate impact, and we believe that the most efficient tool in the nearby future is to increase the use of fossil-free fuels. Besides fossil-free fuels, fleet renewal and advanced weather systems for more fuel-efficient navigation, are additional measures with immediate emissions reduction. We believe that transparency, reporting and openness will make it easier for customers to make qualified choices.”

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