Norway Sets Goals To Electrify Domestic Flights By 2040

Electric planes will soon be a reality in Norway in an attempt to tackle climate change in the next 10 years. State-owned Norwegian airport operator Avinor and the Civil Aviation Authority published a report that explained how electric plans would actively reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help combat climate change.

In the Northern part of Norway, there are 16 airports in a 350km radius of Alta, the central airport hub. In fact, flights between these airports are a much faster means of transportation as compared to driving. 

Green goals set for 2030, 2040

Aviation authorities in Norway have made their sustainable goals clear. By 2030, they want to complete their first domestic flight. By 2040, the country wants all civil domestic aviation to be electric. If the agenda is fulfilled, greenhouse gases will be cut by 80% as compared to 2020.

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The report also mentions the potential airplanes that could be used by Norway in the future. The largest one has just 19 seats. One potential choice is Alice. Alice is a nine-seater, fully electric commuter plane from Israeli Eviation that was launched earlier this year. It can reportedly travel around 650 miles (1,046 km) on a full charge. Norway is spearheading the electric mobility revolution. It has been one of the best electric vehicle charging networks in Europe and Tesla’s are proving popular.

Commercial aircrafts are also attempting to incorporate electricity in their functioning. Aircraft makers  such as Airbus, are developing larger planes that plan to use hybrid propulsion systems. Airbus’ hybrid E-Fan X uses conventional jet engines alongside electric motors and batteries for power. The E-Fan X is expected to take its first flight next year.


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