A physical event titled “NewIndia.Travel” in Bengaluru witnessed a historic moment when Skal India worked alongside ASSOCHAM for the betterment of the travel and tourism industry revival.

On Friday, 27th of August 2021, ASSOCHAM the fountainhead of Knowledge for the Indian industry, and Skal International India, a global travel & tourism association came together to extend support to the local promoters. Since the Indian tourism industry has suffered great losses due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the entire value chain has been hit badly too, this program was held to express support to the industry. “We Stand Together” was the motto of the entire program.

All the COVID protocols were taken care of including social distancing and sanitization. This travel conclave was held at Ritz Carlton Hotel in Bengaluru. The conclave received great support from the Government of Karnataka, Department of Tourism.

Commenting on this, Mr Anand Singh, Minister of Tourism, Govt. of Karnataka said:

“The state has completed 50% vaccination but people are still scared to travel. Karnataka is preparing for tourism but tourists should be careful about what they are bringing to the destination. Travel agents should train tourists on what a destination expects from them.”

Mr Pankaj Kumar Pandey (IAS), Principal Secretary, added;

“Government of Karnataka has always been in the forefront to support tourism, within the country and beyond. We actively support this initiative and co-host this conclave to seal our solidarity with the tourism industry, as representatives from various stakeholders of the fraternity are present.

Karnataka offers ‘ many worlds in one state’ to cater to every tourist fancy, from culture and heritage to nature and pilgrimage. A perfect backdrop to announce the revival of our tourism industry, which will be more Responsible, Resourceful, and Resilient in the future.”

In his welcome speech, Mr Carl Vaz, President of SKAL International India said:

“As part of our regroup and recover the drive, Skal India has placed into effect an ambitious rebranding and direct to consumer approach strategy. Our knowledge partner association with NewIndia.Travel is in line with our new vision to actively engage with the Indian Central & State Government, policymakers, and the corporate community. Skal India comprises over 1,300 + industry leaders across verticals of hospitality, aviation, transport, travel trade, tourism education, Government tourism representatives, and allied industry services; making us a unique organization representative of the Indian tourism industry ready to engage with Government & private sector for the resurrection of this key component of our economy”

Mr Vineet Agarwal, President ASSOCHAM, added;

“The Indian travel industry is a vital contributor of employment opportunities, enabling the country to leverage its vast demographic dividend. Domestic tourism is paramount to resuscitating travel and tourism. ASSOCHAM is creating this event as a platform to invite insights and recommendations from various stakeholders, strengthening the ecosystem for domestic tourism”

Shri B.V. Naidu, Chairman Southern Region ASSOCHAM added;

“Karnataka is one of the fastest emerging tourist destinations. The introduction of intercity trains, special packages, and various other initiatives takes them to the forefront to promote Tourism Industry. The state is focused on Health tourism. NewIndia.Travel is the perfect platform to bring Government, Corporate Bodies, and Tourism stakeholders together to find the prudent solution for this unprecedented crisis. ASSOCHAM views this conclave as an affirmative action towards the pragmatic path of recovery”

Shri Sudipta Deb, National Committee Head- Alliances SKAL International India, also had something to add to this. He said;

NewIndia.Travel is conceptualized on the eternal ethos of Indian Hospitality – ‘Vasudaiva Kutumbakom’. The tourism and Hospitality Industry is looking for solidarity across all segments of Indian Industries, Corporate Associations, and Government Bodies to resurrect itself to its deserved glory. We are blessed to have such a Motherland where myriad diversities greet us in every 200 Km yet it is exquisitely united by the spirit of ‘One Nation. Being a premier Global Body of Tourism and Hospitality professionals, SKAL International India is viewing this platform as an urgent need of the desperate times to ally all the forces of all Industries to resuscitate the Tourism Industry as a checkmate to the unprecedented crisis of the pandemic

Shri Anurag Gupta, Promoter- NewIndia.Travel and President SKAL, Bangalore ended the speech with a heart-touching speech.

A year back we decided to hold NEWINDIA.TRAVEL in August just after the first wave graph had begun to decline giving hope to travel again but it did not last for long. To our dismay came the second wave more devastating but with a silver lining I.e Vaccine. Today ,we have around 54 Crores vaccinated Indians inclined to travel again. NEW INDIA.TRAVEL Conclave will be deliberating to chart out the way forward of the tourism industry after the pandemic focussing “Dekho Apna Desh”, to move on from the virtual world to the real world. Let the fully vaccinated travel begin.

The event was followed by panel discussions including interesting topics mentioned below:

Panel Discussion 1: “Let’s inject Confidence – Health & Safety in tourism”


COVID-19 has generated an unprecedented level of fear, likely impeding tourism industry recovery after the pandemic is over. One of the key challenges for the tourism and hospitality sector is to restore confidence. The panel will discuss measures to restore confidence in the travelers.

Probable Panelist

  1. Mr. Kavin Kandasamy – Founder and CEO of MY PPE WELLNESS Pvt Ltd
  2. Mr. Tuhin Biswas – President and Chief Human Resource Officer – Emami Ltd
  3. Dr. Vinay Devaraja – MD, FNB – Consultant Infectious Diseases – Apollo Hospital Bangalore
  4. Mr. P.K. Mohan Kumar – Former Area Director – Taj Luxury Hotels, Former MD & CEO Ginger, Founder and CEO Turnstone Hospitality and PR Director for SKAL International ASIA.

Moderator: Shri Carl Vaz – National President – SKAL International India

Panel Discussion 2: “Connecting Tourism with Corporate World – Powered By KOTIN”


SKAL India an umbrella association of various stakeholders from the tourism and hospitality sector which will spell out their strategy for AFFIRMATIVE ACTION & THEIR COMMITMENT to chart out the Revival Path.
The panel will be represented by leading visionaries who are going to discuss specific issues related to each sector and possible ways to build a bridge between Tourism and other industries towards Pragmatic Recovery of Tourism.

Probable Panelist

  1. Mr. Carl Vaz – National President – SKAL International India, MD and Chairman Charson Advisory
  2. Mr. Vijay Ladani – Managing Director – VISA LOUNGE
  3. Mr. Amarnath Lal Das – Vice President, Accenture – Travel, Events & Meetings
  4. Mr. Mohammed Farooq – Director – India Tourism

Moderator: Mr. Sheldon Santwan – Editor Saffron media

Panel Discussion 3: Moving from Payjamas to Formals – Action Plan Across Stakeholders


The Tourism and Hospitality sector (according to a newspaper report contributed up to 10% of India’s GDP around 275 billion USD) Due to continued lockdown the tourism and hospitality sector has been accumulating losses. Many of the businesses are staring at imminent closure to due financial constraints.
The panel will discuss the stimuli required to resuscitate the sector, covering the demands of the industry and government measures to support the industry.

Probable Panelist

  1. Mr. Vikramjit Singh – President –Lemon Tree Hotels
  2. Mr. Rajdev Bhattacharya – Global Head Travel and Hospitality – Wipro Ltd
  3. Mr. Vikram Kanchi – Regional Head Southern India – MMT
  4. Mr. Sunil VA – Regional Head – OMAN Airlines – India and Nepal
  5. Mr. Nandan Bhatia – Director – Arogya World

Moderator: Mr. Sheldon Santwan – Editor Saffron media

The event tends to bring hope within the travel industry and give confidence to the stakeholders to fight the battle with the pandemic. The revival might take time but there is still hope.


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