New Health Measures In France To Prevent Second Wave Of COVID-19

France has implemented new health measures to prevent the second wave of Covid-19. From July 20, wearing masks in closed public places for people over 11 years and maintaining social distancing has been made mandatory. The closed public places particularly include train stations and airports, restaurants, public transport, cafes and bars, hotels and other accommodation, museums, shops, administrative offices and banks, markets, libraries, religious places and closed sports facilities.

France reinforced control movement at its borders

France has also reinforced control of movement at the borders on July 25. Further France has listed 16 countries with many cases of the virus, from which the only possible entry will be with a negative PCR test from before travel and on arrival. These 16 countries include Bahrain, Algeria, Brazil, India, Israel, Kuwait, Oman, Madagascar, Panama, Peru, Qatar, South Africa, Serbia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and the United States.  Also, the PCR test 72 hours before departure is mandatory for visitors from the United Arab Emirates, United States, Panama, and Bahrain. The negative test result is required to be checked before boarding a France bound plane, else the traveler will be restricted from boarding. For the remaining countries, mandatory PCR test on arrival in France is required.

The entry from high virus circulation countries into France is possible only in certain situations and only applicable for French nationals and residents of France.

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