MoT To Develop Unified Database Of Tourism Service Providers

Prahlad Singh Patel, Union Minister of State for Culture and Tourism (IC) has recently requested all the states to provide information of roads, hotels, and other services of tourist destinations.

The aim is to create a national unified database

In a virtual meeting with 15 state tourism ministers, Patel informed the state tourism ministers that MoT is planning to develop a platform which will have all information of tourist destinations. It will also have the latest information regarding weather and other tourism related information. Patel has urged all states to provide this information to the Tourism Ministry. Once the information comes in, the platform will be started.

Tourism Service Provider

Patel also informed that the online Incredible India Tourist Facilitator Certification programme (IITF) could generate employment opportunities for many in the country.

Patel said, “Currently the programme has almost 6,000 persons enrolled and with the qualified persons eventually coming on the e-marketplace, the programme is seen as having a huge potential in transforming the tourist experience in terms of guiding and showcasing India.”

Patel further emphasised the use of SAATHI and NIDHI initiatives of the Ministry of Tourism (MoT). He mentioned that previously there were just 1400 hotels registered. But due to the NIDHI initiative, 27,000 hotels have registered.

“It gives us more reliable data of the tourists and hospitality industry. The use of SAATHI initiative will build confidence in tourists. This initiative helps the hospitality industry in preparedness to continue operations safely. It also helps mitigate risks arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic,” he added.

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