Marriott Launches New Hygiene Standards For Events

Marriott set new meeting hygiene standards which are a redefined process and reimagined spaces for the events market.

The Chief Global Officer of Global Operations at Marriott International, Ray Bennett, said: “Our Commitment to Clean is guiding everything from how we keep our guests and associates safe to how we begin to welcome back event and meetings business.” He further added: “Our Global Cleanliness Council is working with us to tackle the realities of the Covid-19 pandemic and what that means for an event or meeting at a hotel.”

The Chief Global Officer also mentioned: “Having experts in the area of hygiene, food safety, infectious disease, and infection prevention has been enormously beneficial in helping us think through everything we can do to support organizations as they begin to envision, plan and execute future meetings and events of all sizes.”

The changes made to the hygiene standards by Marriott 

The changes made to the hygiene standards include the new operational training for associates, the enhanced sanitation guidelines, and the increased use of conference technologies to allow customers to come together when they are ready. A series of new materials can be referred by the meeting planners which includes stories of customers, an informational video, and resources containing information to design successful events in the new normal. Also, a series of physically distant floor plans have been created by Marriott which allows the event planners to visualize room configurations that allow social distant gatherings without interruption to the purpose of the meetings. The pre-convention meetings, consultations, and site tours can be conducted virtually and adapted to include hygiene and safety briefings.


Recommended standards of service and food safety must be followed to redesign food and beverage experiences. To prevent co-mingling with other groups, meals and breaks are set in dedicated, socially distant spaces reserved for the specific event and its attendees.

The Senior Vice President of Global Sales Organisation for Marriott International, Tammy Routh, said: “Marriott International continues to work in collaboration with industry organizations, such as the Events Industry Council, to find ways to instill trust and confidence in meetings and events.”

He also mentioned: “We look forward to welcoming back customers and guests for the exceptional experiences that our company is known for in a safe and clean environment.

“Cleanliness and service have always been our hallmarks and now those deep convictions are more important than ever.”

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