‘Marketing in a Box’ Trains Small Hotels To Promote Their Business During COVID-19

ABD Creative Founder Amy Draheim has recently launched Marketing In A Box, a first of its kind subscription-based model for small hotels to market and promote their brand. This idea was born out of a need to address the issues small hotels are facing during this pandemic and help them to survive during this time.

This service helps hoteliers create succesful marketing campaigns

Marketing In A Box works like an online course that fills the role of a marketing individual or agency. It trains independent hoteliers to create successful marketing campaigns to promote their hotels to travellers. Every month, the hotels receive access to a marketing box across email and social media. They also get access to a customised dashboard and a consulting call with Draheim. 

Marketing In A Box

Draheim explained, “Many hotels had hit pause on marketing during this pandemic. Some were trying to do it themselves. I started to rethink the consultant/client relationship. What would consulting look like for a small hotel who just needed a guide? Marketing In A Box was born. This isn’t marketing 101. It’s hotel marketing for people who know hotels, understand marketing platforms, and need help navigating the nuances of web, email, and social media to get more out of the time they’re putting in.”

In its beta test, Marketing In A Box clients noticed email open rates top 59 percent and, traffic from its social media to their websites increased by 400 percent. 

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