Malaysia has recently become the most recent nation to join the growing number of countries granting Indian citizens visa-free entry. Indian and Chinese nationals who are traveling to Malaysia are now exempt from visa requirements, as the country recently declared its intention to grant visa-free entry.

Presently, Indian citizens are exempt from visa requirements for travel to 30 countries, including Malaysia. Oman, Dominica, Qatar, Niue, Cook Islands, Mauritius, Barbados, Montserrat, Bhutan, Nepal, the British Virgin Islands, El Salvador, Senegal, Fiji, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Haiti, Sri Lanka, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Kazakhstan, Tunisia, Macao (SAR China), Thailand, Micronesia, Vanuatu, Vietnam, and Malaysia are among the countries included.

Anwar Ibrahim, the prime minister of Malaysia, declared that this modification would take effect on December 1 for all Chinese and Indian visitors. The Malaysian tourist e-visa for Indian nationals is currently priced at INR 3,799 per person.

The new visa-free rule permits Indian visitors to enter the country visa-free for a maximum of thirty days. Nevertheless, security screenings for Indian nationals will persist.

The visa-free initiative has been implemented to increase the number of visitors originating from the two nations—China and India. It is widely acknowledged that Malaysia’s two largest markets are India and China. Additionally, the nation is seeking to attract more investors from these two nations. Malaysia, without a doubt one of the most magnificent tourist destinations in Asia, is now more accessible to visitors through a streamlined entry process.

Thailand, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka were the most recent nations to grant Indian nationals visa-free admission, prior to Malaysia’s entry into the market. Presently, however, nations such as Thailand and Sri Lanka have granted Indian citizens this visa-free status until March 31 and May 10, 2024, respectively. At this time, travelers are free to fully exploit this opportunity.


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