Madeira, a location with a long history of good ties with the UK, is one of the select destinations that will be added to the UK’s Green List, allowing leisure travel to resume on June 30, 2021. Both the UK and the Madeiran travel industries will benefit from this decision.

Madeira’s Covid-19 situation is under perfect control. There has been a 73% decline in active cases in the last month, and there are now only 72 active cases (20 new cases per 100K residents in the last seven days, compared 97.5 cases per 100K in the UK as of June 23rd), which is still one of the lowest rates in Europe. At present, there are no active cases on Madeira’s neighbouring island, Porto Santo. No cases of the Delta variant have been reported in the destination. In addition, more than a third of the population has received all of their vaccinations.

Madeira is only a 3.5-hour direct trip from the United Kingdom, and it is accessible by a variety of airlines. This subtropical and lush Atlantic Island, with some of Europe’s most magnificent scenery and year-round warmth, is likely to be a top destination for the remainder of 2021 and beyond, with several rules in place to make travel as simple as possible for guests while focusing on everyone’s safety.

In the 19th century, author H.N. Coleridge referred to Madeira as the most enviable island on earth, saying, “It ensures every European comfort with almost every tropical luxury,” and the destination has since won numerous awards, including Europe’s Leading Island Destination (World Travel Awards) seven times.

“The UK government’s decision is aligned with Madeira’s reality, we really deserve to be added to the green list. It’s the recognition for all the efforts made to become a safe destination. The Madeira Government is committed to keep up the level of security, whilst guarantee the best experience for those who visit us.”

–Eduardo Jesus, Regional Secretary for Tourism and Culture said of the UK

Covid-19 Protocols: 

At Madeira Airport, there was already a green corridor for individuals who arrived with a negative PCR test within 72 hours. Visitors can also take a free test when they arrive at the airport. A free PCR test is available to each tourist upon arrival or departure, with results available in 6 to 12 hours. There are also discounts available for any additional testing needed, with PCR tests from €90 and antigen tests from €18.

Madeira is now receiving tourists who have been vaccinated (EMA approved brands) and recovered from Covid-19 (with proof of validity up to 180 days) and want to enjoy the region, with no need for testing for these individuals.

Madeira’s curfew hours have been reduced to 1am till 5am. Restaurants can stay open until midnight for dinner.

Madeira has collaborated extensively with SGS, the world’s premier certification company, to guarantee that safe practices are followed across the destination and that the risk of Covid-19 is minimized. All tourism businesses can participate in the certification procedure.


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