Lufthansa Group To Overhaul Its Miles-Based System Of Awarding

The Lufthansa Group will now be moving from a miles-based system of awarding to a points-based one by 2021. Currently, what is included at status miles, HON Circle miles, select miles, Status Star point and flight segments is about to get an over-haul incorporating a point-based system on their class of travel and destination.

The significant change in the new program is a shift in the metric used to qualify for elite status each year to just two (related) metrics points and qualifying points. Currently, travellers earning points on a fixed mileage amount depending on the booking class and airline, the new system will distribute points earned based on travel class only, whether it is continental and intercontinental. 

Under the new system. Lufthansa will reward those who mainly fly with them. 

The points have been segmented as shown below. 

Image from Business Traveller India

However, with Status stars being eliminated after December 31, 2020, any points earned will be turned into qualifying points, while keeping in place the system of redeemed flights, awards and services. While Luftansa’s intent is to simplify the system, the intent to achieve transparency to drive long-term loyalty amongst its global consumer base. 

George Ettiyil, Senior Director Sales South Asia says “with the latest evolvement of the miles and more programs, the frequency of flying will be rewarded more than ever to attain and maintain a status with Lufthansa Group Airlines, This simple approach will benefit the Indian customers and fans of our airline brands, as we are personalising their rewards and uncomplicating the points accumulation process. Through this, we aim to enhance their experience of travelling with a Lufthansa Group Airline even further”.  

He further added that Indian customers, in particular, stand to reap significant benefits from the changes made to the program. Even though the move is associated with the need to be transparent, we believe that there are many layers that affect the miles/points system. The change is more associated with the need to build a loyalty base with its current customer pool, in order to perform the next quarter, given the german carriers current financial and operational troubles.


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