Kuwait Airways is introducing direct flights to Manchester, which will benefit both Kuwait and the north of England’s economies. From May 1, three times weekly flights will be available.

Currently, 49,000 individuals fly indirectly to Kuwait from Manchester Airport’s catchment region. These visitors include a mix of family and friends visiting from abroad, as well as Middle East-based businesses. Another 800,000 passengers fly from the North to Kuwait Airways’ onward destinations, which include Bangkok, Mumbai, Delhi, and Manila, which are not currently served by Manchester Airport.

The flights are expected to be popular with students, with universities pushing for the launch of services, as there are now 2,960 Kuwaiti students studying in Manchester Airport’s catchment region. Tourism organisations are praising the route, which saw more than 23,000 Kuwaitis visit the North West each year before the outbreak, spending more than £22 million.

The Chief Executive Officer of Kuwait Airways, Maen Razouqi, said: “Kuwait Airways is proceeding ahead, according to its well-thought-out and effective plans in moving forward towards expanding its network of operations around the world, with the launch of new and diverse destinations that suit the preferences of its customers and meet their aspirations. Accordingly, the Company launches its scheduled flights to Manchester in the UK from 1 May 2022, with three flights per week on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

“Manchester as a destination is of great importance to Kuwait Airways’ customers. The selection came after an increased demand for it as a distinct destination for tourists, especially in the summer season, which is expected to witness an unprecedented boom in the tourism, travel, and hospitality sectors. In addition, the launching of Manchester as a destination in KAC’s network will assist a large segment of students to study abroad in Universities in Manchester and in England.

“Moreover, Kuwait Airways, as the National Carrier of Kuwait, owns a new young fleet, supported by the latest technology that keeps pace with the aspirations of customers in the aviation sector, including entertainment, comfortable seats, excellent service, and assistance. The presence of the fleet and the arrival of the new aircraft will greatly contribute to the implementation of the plans, reach the desired objectives, and will also support the services offered to passengers, in providing a safe and pleasant journey on board the Blue Bird.”

The route is a boon for businesses, tourism organisations, institutions, and those visiting friends and family, with three flights per week (Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday).
“It’s great news that Kuwait Airways is starting direct flights from Manchester Airport, and I am sure it will be incredibly well received by the thousands of people in our catchment area that travel there indirectly each year,” said Ian Costigan, Interim Managing Director at Manchester Airport.

“The announcement of another long-haul route coming to Manchester clearly shows the role we play in connecting the North to key global destinations. Not only do routes like these make travel easier, but they put the region on the international map for trade, economic and tourism opportunities, plus create a wealth of jobs in the process.

“I look forward to welcoming the team from Kuwait Airways to the airport and wish them every success with the route.”

Kuwait Airways has been nominated for World Travel Awards in the categories of Middle East’s Leading Airline 2022 and Middle East’s Leading Airline – Economy Class 2022. Voting is presently open on the World Travel Awards website, and both travel industry professionals and the general public are allowed to vote.


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