ITC to expand Welcomhotel brand to 25 hotels, even though the ongoing pandemic has blown hard on the hospitality sector and not everyone has been able to sail through. Despite this, ITC is confident about domestic tourism and is planning to increase the number of properties under its brand Welcomhotel.

ITC To Expand its Welcomhotel Brand To 25 Hotels, currently, there are 19 hotels under the brand name, which will be increased to 25 over the next year. “ITC Welcomhotel will be a 25-property brand over the next 12 months,” an ITC official told PTI.  Two hotels were opened in the past 6 months under this brand name which are Welcomhotel Tavleen Chail in Himachal Pradesh and another in Shimla. The Welcomhotel Ahmedabad and Welcomhotel Port Blair were relaunched in the March quarter. “Collaborating with like-minded partners who bring unique hospitality experiences has further strengthened ITC Hotels footprint across the length and breadth of the country,” ITC executive director Nakul Anand said. Many officials have said that if the vaccination rates in the country increase, then tourism will start again and more people will travel, and so the hospitality sector will also see a rise. This is similar to what will happen with the airline industry as well.

ITC hotels currently have 100 properties across its four brands in over 70 locations and are the fastest growing hospitality chain in India. “Vocal for locals is gaining more ground as people prefer to travel motorable distances post-pandemic. Hence, domestic tourism is on the rise. At ITC Hotels we have always showcased destination India and this is the appropriate opportunity to cater to the public demand for experiential stays,” an ITC official said.

ITC Hotels is a trailblazer in Green Hoteliering with all of its Premier Luxury Hotels being LEED Platinum certified. OTC also has become the choice for those who have been traveling during the pandemic due to its safety and hygiene practices for which it received The World’s First Platinum Risk Certification in Infection Risk Management.

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