Israel Provides £67 Million Budget to Support Hotel Sector

Israel ministers of finance and tourism, Israel Katz and Asaf Zamir presented a NIS 300 million (£67 million) aid package for the domestic hotel sector. This was decided by a meeting between the ministers and representatives of the tourism industry.

Israel has sealed its borders to foreign arrivals since March, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus since March. The huge impact of border closures on the hotel sector and the employees was discussed at the meeting.

International tourists make up 50% of all hotel guests in Israel

As the arrivals are unlikely to begin again in the coming weeks, the ministers decided to provide financial aid to assist hotels. They hope that the cash could also reduce future dependency on overseas tourism.

Zamir said: “The entire tourism industry is in a severe crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic and it is our job to act swiftly to bring it back on track and assist in its recovery.”

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