Iceland Evacuates Travelers After Another Volcanic Eruption

Eyjafjallajökull spews lava and ash in Iceland - volcanoes

Iceland has declared a state of emergency and begun evacuating visitors from certain areas following another volcanic outburst over the weekend.

The Iceland Meteorological Office (IMO) announced a state of emergency on March 16 following the fourth eruption in three months, forcing tourists to flee Blue Lagoon and the beach resort of Grindavík due to lava flow.

IMO authorities warned that more eruptions were anticipated, issuing the alarm on Saturday, barely 40 minutes before the crack opened. All travelers were evacuated from the region, which is anticipated to be blocked until at least Sunday.

“We will continue to closely follow the guidelines and recommendations of the authorities, working collaboratively with them to monitor the progression of events,” Blue Lagoon representatives said in a statement adding that this commitment aligns with its unwavering dedication to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of their valued guests and staff.

The IMO estimates Saturday’s eruption was the greatest since 2021, but Blue Lagoon and Grindavík constructed “defensive barriers” to prevent lava flows.

The wind moved clouds and fumes westward, allowing planes into and out of Keflavík International Airport, located southwest of Reykjavík. Airport officials predict the eruption will not have an impact on aviation in the following days.


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