How Can We Make Medical Tourism More Efficient?

Medical tourism is a complex web of multiple niche markets. The main aim for any country to boost their medical tourism sector is by ensuring that their product and service strengths match the particular needs of the market. Medical tourism will only have a significant impact if there is a seamless collaboration between healthcare providers, travel agencies, five-star hotels, and other hospitality service providers. When international tourists visit a country for medical purposes, it is crucial to ensure their comfort by handling their end-to-end requirements. 

In India especially, an investment in technology, security, and translators is more necessary than ever to attract medical tourists and sustain the growth of the medical tourism industry. Engineering a medical travel experience that places the customer at the centre is important for all the key players involved. A continuous assessment of the target markets and a destination’s strengths and weaknesses will help shape the future of medical tourism in India. Official records have shown that the Indian medical tourism industry is growing at 18% CAGR. It is projected to have 20% of the medical tourism market share by 2020.

Here are a few ways that could assist organisations to attract more medical tourists:

1. Understanding the importance of technology and investing in it

Potential customers prioritise world-class healthcare facilities which is why cutting-edge technology must define the medical tourism sector. Investing in best practices and revolutionary facilities will help customers understand that all their needs are being attended to. When it comes to accessibility, apps for hospitals and clinics help the customer make more informed decisions and are also incredibly convenient.

2. Building an impactful online presence

The immense power of social media is an indisputable fact. This is precisely why online marketing is imperative for medical tourism. User-friendly websites and blogs with live chats will reach more customers. Active social media handles that frequently run campaigns will keep potential customers engaged and updated about the latest trends in the market.

medical tourism

3. Collaboration is key

The medical tourism market works seamlessly with multiple industries which is why collaboration is so important. Investing in collaborations with hospitality partners and representatives of international health offices will serve well in the long-run.

4. Quotation and visa assistance

Potential customers might get overwhelmed with the huge amount of research that goes into selecting a medical tourism destination. This is when it is important to provide quotations that cover the entire experience and help customers understand what they’re getting into. Assistance with applying for a medical visa will also help ease customers’ concerns.

5. Accommodation and security needs

Ensuring hospitality partners constantly reinvent their rooms to accommodate the needs of international patients is essential to improving medical tourism. Rooms must be spacious and have all the required facilities for comfort. Security is key so patients can feel secure at their place of stay while they are recovering. Making relevant investments in the area is always important. 

A constant emphasis on high quality of care along with a focus on the extended patient journey should be guiding factors in improving medical tourism. Developing a clear, focused medical tourism strategy will reap exceptional benefits and boost a sector that is already performing well. 

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