HKTB Launches Hygiene Protocol To Regain Confidence Of Travellers

The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) has established a standardised hygiene protocol. The protocol aims to help the city better tackle the COVID-19 situation.

Partnering with the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA), the protocol will provide a set of hygiene and anti-epidemic guidelines for the tourism industry.

These guidelines can be viewed by visitors and will help regain the confidence of travellers.

This protocol will also prepare Hong Kong for the safe resumption of inbound travel

Dr YK Pang, Chairman, HKTB, said, “ COVID-19 has brought a new normal to the tourism landscape. Public health and safety have become a priority for visitors. Many international travel and tourism organisations have already put in place hygiene and anti-epidemic guidelines. Hence, standardising hygiene measures for each sector can inform visitors that different sectors across Hong Kong value their commitment to hygiene and safety. 

Pang further added, “I am excited that more than 1,800 businesses and outlets expressed interest in the protocol. The HKTB will strengthen its promotion of anti-epidemic measures taken by the tourism industry and related sectors. Our aim is to establish a healthy and safe tourism image for Hong Kong. We want to bolster visitors’ confidence in travelling to Hong Kong.”

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The protocol is will cover hotels, restaurants, tourism attractions, travel agencies, etc. Those businesses that participate will be asked to comply with these measures. Once they pass the assessment, the details of the businesses will be uploaded onto a special website of the HKQAA. They can also obtain a dedicated logo showcasing their commitment to health safety.

Furthermore, the HKQAA will conduct random follow up visits for inspections.

C S Ho, Chairman, HKQAA, said, “During the development of the standardised protocol, the HKQAA referred to the guidelines by the Centre for Health Protection and the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department. We aim to promote best practices for hygiene and anti-epidemic measures across tourism-related sectors. We acknowledge their efforts in combating the pandemic through professional and impartial third-party verification. This has helped restore public confidence in out-of-home consumption and travel.”

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