Heathrow Airport Targets Zero Carbon Emissions By Mid 2030

Heathrow airport has declared that it is now carbon neutral for its infrastructure. With the announcement, Heathrow is now one of the world’s first major aviation hubs to go carbon neutral and is also the first to target zero carbon by the mid-2030s.

Heathrow has reduced carbon emissions by 93%

The organisation has invested £100 million in improving energy efficiency and generating and purchasing renewable energy. Heathrow has reduced carbon emissions by 93% compared to 1990. The reduction has been from airport buildings and infrastructure. The remaining 7% of airport infrastructure emissions – including those from heating – will now be offset through tree planting projects in Indonesia and Mexico certified through the Verified Carbon Standard.


Carbon offsetting will be an interim measure by Heathrow to reduce carbon emissions, while they work towards becoming a zero-carbon airport. They will also be focused on making improvements to sustainable transport links. A target has been set to transition all of Heathrow’s cars and small vans to electric and plug-in hybrid.

Additional investment of £1.8 million has been made for carbon saving projects

The airport is also announcing an additional investment of £1.8 million for 2020 to kick-start UK nature-based carbon-saving projects. These additional funds will help begin the restoration of natural UK carbon sinks including peatlands, woodlands and farming soils. The Committee on Climate Change has estimated that this restoration will have the ability to help save 43 megatonnes of carbon annually by 2050 if significant investments are made. 

Heathrow will require assistance to achieve this milestone. Leveraging its position, it must encourage others in the aviation industry to contribute to similar initiatives that can reduce the number of carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

Heathrow Chief Executive John Holland-Kaye said: “ Making our infrastructure entirely carbon neutral is a significant milestone and a testament to the determination of our airport to help spearhead a new era of sustainable aviation. Our sights are now set on working with the global aviation industry to deliver on net-zero by 2050, at the latest. We can and will cut the environmental cost of flying whilst keeping the benefits of travel for future generations.”



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