Google Announces New Travel Insights Tool For Industry

Google has launched a new tool to aid the travel industry on its path to recovery in the midst of the pandemic. Travel Insights with Google is a website that provides demand trends to sector participants, be they a chain of hotels, a small travel startup, or a booking agent. The tool will help better examine travel demand and leverage insights.

How does this new tool by Google work?

Travel Insights with Google will utilise user search data and point to two kinds of time-specific trends, increasing confidence in decision making in this dynamic period. This includes:

Destination Insights – This tool will give a clear picture of the top sources of demand for a destination, and the destinations within countries that travellers are most interested in visiting. This will help the industry map out a possible resumption of travel on specific routes and make choices about where to communicate with potential future travelers.

Hotel Insights – Hotel Insights is designed to help all kinds of properties, especially small and independent hotels. It will also understand where travel demand for their geography may be coming from, and get tools, advice and tips for making their businesses stand out online.

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