President of TAAI Jyoti Mayal has expressed concern over GO First Airline’s abrupt cancellation of all flights on 3rd. 4th and 5th May 2023, stating that it has shocked the aviation industry. According to media and ministry reports, Go First has filed for voluntary insolvency resolution proceedings before the NCLT. Mayal commented on the difficulties faced by the industry in regards to correct procedures and protocols, stating that it is surprising that a country regarded as a power centre confronts such difficulties repeatedly in the aviation industry.

TAAI is concerned that the cancellations and refunds of tickets to its members and consumers will negatively impact travel agents, dealing them a significant financial setback as they struggle to recover post-covid19.

TAAI has advocated to the Government of India, Ministry of Aviation, Ministry of Tourism, and the Prime Minister himself to ensure the safety of the travel industry/consumers and to address airline defaults. As protection for the entire eco-system, and most notably the service provider, the association has advocated for insurance on tickets or the placement of funds in an escrow account with the government.

As the leader of the largest and oldest premier organisation, Mayal is concerned that the government refuses to listen to them and implement improved policies. Along with the Ministry of Aviation and Tourism, the government must enact policies to safeguard consumer and service provider funds. The Ministry of Aviation has promised that TAAI will establish a National Task Force with airlines and DGCA, but weak policies and governance will hinder the establishment of multiple airports and make the aviation industry vulnerable.

Mayal emphasised that travel and tourism service providers are essential to the development of this country and the government’s responsibility. With such setbacks, the vision of a trillion-dollar economy cannot be realised. Mayal requested once more that the Honourable Prime Minister investigate their plights and find a solution with their participation in order to include them in the expansion and prevent their crippling.


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