FCM Enhances Its Platform Capabilities

FCM launches a proprietary online booking tool in the UK


FCM, a global travel management company, is revolutionising the corporate travel industry with the introduction of an array of patented client solutions in the United Kingdom in the coming months.

In conjunction with the global implementation of its highly anticipated omnichannel technology, FCM platform including access via the new mobile App, the business has announced the debut of FCM Booking, an unique alternative to conventional OBTs. This latest innovation is an important step in FCM’s evolving technological journey and firmly establishes the company as a leader in the tech travel industry.

According to FCM Global Managing Director Marcus Eklund, the company’s technology expertise is the result of an ambitious strategy that prioritizes user experience and adaptability, while maximising the company’s major investments over the past few years.

klund stated, “By prioritising the delivery of user centric tech, we are able to provide a standout service to our clients that addresses their pain points, provides exceptional flexibility and personalisation while providing an incomparable online experience through innovative tools like FCM Platform.”

With FCM Platform’s open-platform solution, clients can choose from recommended APIs to fulfil market-specific feature and functionality requirements, such as HR feeds, duty of care providers, and booking tool options; this will eventually include FCM’s proprietary alternative.

As the newest component of the broader platform offering, FCM Booking has been designed to meet the needs of businesses who place equal importance on user experience and control over essential parts of their travel policy. In the United Kingdom, FCM Booking is currently being piloted, with intentions to begin enrolling new consumers later this year.

“We envisage this booking tool will help UK travel managers make data driven decisions around booking behaviour.”  Eklund noted that FCM Booking seeks to fill a void in the mid-market segment for companies seeking to combine cost control with a user-friendly interface that supports and encourages significant online adoption.

This seamless interface with the FCM platform eliminates the onerous setup typically associated with competing OBTs. Travel managers may anticipate a rapid onboarding and configuration procedure, and the system’s adaptable design also enables a flexible approach to future policy adjustments.

A multitude of new aspects have been developed in response to the expanding needs of a clientele that is increasingly travel-hungry, tech-savvy, and budget-conscious.

Eklund commented that the priorities of their clients have shifted, and they have adapted their technology accordingly. He believes that t The combination of their proprietary technology and client-centric approach places FCM in an excellent position to support their business objectives in the coming year, as stated by 

A unique policy ‘tuning’ function enables programme managers to regulate travel possibilities by configuring personalised algorithms and even specific expenditure thresholds. Armed with this information, the tool’s AI technology performs the legwork and eliminates the frustration typically associated with searching via multiple sites, delivering a variety of options based on learned behaviours to align with company travel policies and programme objectives, while taking traveller preferences and loyalty affiliations into account. Using FCM’s patented browser-extension software, travellers may access aggregated air and hotel content from different sources in a single, straightforward booking sequence, therefore enhancing their ability to select the best option and value.

Eklund believes that FCM’s collaborative approach with customers and third parties, coupled with its innovative proprietary technology, gives the company a competitive edge in a year in which the company consistently increased its market share in the United Kingdom via a clutch of multi-national and government accounts. This would appeal to clients seeking responsive and creative corporate travel solutions from their travel partner.

Through the company’s expanding range of FCM-owned and created products and services, they are uniquely positioned to gather, comprehend, and respond to user behaviour and input, he explained. By taking complete responsibility for the customer experience, FCM is able to leverage this important knowledge to consistently innovate and develop appealing solutions, such as their new platform and FCM Booking, to meet current client needs while also predicting their future needs.


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