Following the signing of a landmark multi-year partnership with Amadeus, Etihad Airways is prepared to embark on a major digital transformation.

Etihad will incorporate the entire Amadeus Altéa PSS suite, which includes web booking, revenue management and merchandising, data management, and passenger servicing solutions, as part of the agreement.

Over the next few years, Etihad will customise these technology products to improve the experience of visitors, crew, travel agents, Etihad Guest members, and corporate clients.

Guests will notice new web and mobile channels powered by the Amadeus Digital Experience suite, which will provide the most straightforward user experience for purchasing flight tickets and managing reservations.

Guests will receive unique offerings and a personalised travel experience thanks to advanced retailing capabilities which will be created collaboratively utilising machine intelligence.

Etihad has also signed for Amadeus Altéa NDC (New Distribution Capability) to modernise retailing capabilities across sales channels, and the two companies will collaborate to distribute customised travel offers to guests.

Etihad will make its entire portfolio of NDC offerings available to Amadeus travel sellers, letting agents to view the features of Etihad’s award-winning product and the ancillaries that may be purchased in greater detail.

Etihad’s chief operating officer, Mohammad Al Bulooki, said: “The aviation industry is going through a digital revolution, and Etihad Airways is committed to staying at the forefront of that change.

“With Amadeus as a partner, Etihad’s guests will be able to enjoy the best user experience possible as they book and manage their flights, with the ability to customise their travel to an unprecedented level.

“Etihad is also excited to push NDC forward as a means to offer a much richer, relevant and dynamic shopping experience to our trade partners, and Amadeus is the perfect partner to support that strategy.”

– India’s new age travel digital media


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