Emirates Updates Simplified Refund And Cancellation Policy For Customers Due To Coronavirus

Emirates has updated its travel waiver policy in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The airlines want to present a unified approach for rebookings and refunds on tickets in all markets. 

The airline will offer several options to its customers who have been affected by travel restrictions and flight cancellations.  All Emirates tickets booked before May 31st for travel up to August 31st will be automatically extended for 760 days. Customers with such tickets have been reassured that their tickets will be honored and they can rebook whenever they decide to travel.

Aim is to make refund process streamlined for customers 

Further, travel vouchers will be valid for one year from the date of issue and can be extended for a second year. The voucher can be used for any Emirates product or service, which means customers can use it to offset charges for flights to any destination in any cabin class, or other services. Additionally, customers who have opted to keep their ticket or opted for a travel voucher can still apply for a refund, if they are unable to travel. There will be no refund penalties.

Adnan Kazim, Chief Commercial Officer, Emirates said, “The travel and airline industry have complicated rulebooks for how fares, re-bookings or refunds are applied, which also differ depending on market regulation. We understand that explaining and unraveling all of that is confusing and frustrating for customers.”

He added, “The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented for everyone, and we’d like to thank our customers and trade partners for their patience, understanding and support as we worked through this period to ensure our policies are not only customer-friendly but also in line with regulatory requirements. We sincerely hope that our customers will choose to rebook and fly with us again at a later time, and that is why we’re offering up to two years validity on their current tickets, or travel vouchers which can be redeemed for any Emirates product or service.



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