Emirates Under Fire For Poor Service By Popular British Travel Influencer

James Asquith, a British entrepreneur and traveler took to Instagram to share his unpleasant experiences onboard Emirates Airlines, Dubai’s national carrier. Asquith wrote an open letter to Tim Clark, the president of Emirates. Asquith listed a number of grievances he had with the airline including their refusal to answer his follow-up emails about canceled flights. He called out the PR team of the airline and their inability to handle the present situation of incomplete refunds. 

Asquith has called major airlines for their inefficient service

Asquith is the founder and CEO of Holiday Swap and holds the official Guinness record for being the youngest person to visit every sovereign country in the world. While the Emirates has a sterling reputation, Asquith has called it into question by criticising the airline’s poor service, lack of response and ‘false advertising’. His other posts took jibes at the food onboard as well. 

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?✈️? For the second time ever, after the “infamous” Air Canada incident, I have written an open letter to an airline – no surprises for guessing who, it’s @emirates – you can swipe ?? this post to get a clearer picture of what has happened and what they’ve done, and how it’s a dangerous and unhealthy precedent not only in aviation, but in business. I know a bunch of the Emirates PR team are stalking me on here too, so here’s a Lil’ wave for you guys too ?- even airlines I don’t like have the decency to listen to feedback and Male is better, not just delete the problem. But the many thousands of inbox messages I have received illustrate just how many people are clearly unhappy with your company and PR machine. Check back to my stories to see what’s hopefully a funny take as well ?❌ If you’re wondering when this will stop? It will continue until they are more transparent with customers, feedback, and use criticism to be a better company, airline and representation of the people that work there #openletter #emirates

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This isn’t the first time that Asquith has called out a major airline for their inadequacies. Back in January 2020, he penned an open letter to Air Canada stating that he found the “best seat on the plane though, in the toilet”. His open letter to Emirates has not asked for any personal compensation. Instead, he wants the airline to donate funds to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Yemen. He also asked Air Canada to donate $1000 (AED3,672.95) to help the koala bears that were affected by Australia’s devastating wildfires.

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