From today onwards, the majority of passengers departing Dubai will be required to use a mobile boarding pass instead of a printed paper version, as part of Emirates’ efforts to offer customers the convenience and security of digitally enabled travel journeys.

When checking in at Terminal 3, passengers will receive their mobile boarding pass via email or SMS. Passengers who check in online can store their boarding pass in Apple Wallet or Google Wallet, or retrieve it from the Emirates app. In addition to being emailed directly to passengers, the baggage receipt is also accessible via the Emirates app.

This initiative will substantially reduce paper waste while providing passengers departing Dubai with a digitalized check-in experience that is both convenient and quick. It reduces the possibility of lost or misplaced boarding permits, providing travellers with peace of mind.

The mobile boarding permit can be used throughout the entire travel journey, including at Dubai Duty Free, security checkpoints, and boarding, simply by displaying it on the phone. As passengers progress through the airport and onto the aircraft, Emirates agents and airport personnel will simply scan the mobile boarding pass’s QR code.

Passengers travelling with infants, unaccompanied minors, passengers requiring special assistance, passengers with onward flights on other airlines, and all passengers travelling to the United States may still be required to print a physical boarding pass.

The option to print a boarding pass is available upon request to Emirates agents at check-in counters if passengers do not have a mobile device, or if they are unable to access the information on their devices due to a lack of battery power, a system breakdown or glitch, a message delivery delay, or an inability to access WIFI, network, or a data package.

Digitally enabled journeys have already been enjoyed by millions of Emirates passengers. In addition to convenient check-in and itinerary management, those who use the Emirates app can access digital menus in advance and spend time curating a playlist of their favourite films, television shows and music playlists available on ice, which they can sync from their app the moment they board to save time.

Dubai’s streamlined biometric journey

Registered passengers can now enjoy a seamless travel experience at Dubai International Airport, where they can use biometric scanners or smart gates to move between airport stations.

UAE Residents who return to Dubai can register to use the Smart Gates at Emirates Terminal 3 and breeze through Immigration. UAE citizens and residents can use their passport, boarding pass, or valid UAE ID to travel through the Smart Gates, while GCC nationals and visitors eligible for visa on arrival can use a biometric passport.


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