Dubai Events Sector Set to Reopen With Strict Protocols

Dubai can once again host live events, the city’s government announced. These include indoor and outdoor concerts and private events, such as weddings. 

Various social distancing guidelines will be established to continue battling Covid-19

Indoor events should take place at limited capacity, with one person having four meters around them. Seated concerts (including VIP areas) are required to keep two seats between each group of people or solo persons. Venues are required to organize a staggered entry for ticket holders. Post-event, guests should exit row-by-row via marked walkways. Purchasing online tickets is advised, but if you need to purchase one from the box office, floor markers will ensure social distancing in the queue.

Guests and staff are required to wear masks at all times. Performers can remove their mask provided that they are at least four meters away from the audience. No physical interaction with performers and fans are allowed. Some routines will have to be modified or shortened to ensure social distancing and limit physical contact. Floor markers at standing events will guide guests where to stand, to ensure that the correct distance from others is maintained.

Sanitation protocol for both the build-up to an event, during, and after the event has taken place. Pre-packaged food or buffet with no self-serve is allowed provided that social distancing is ensured. Nightclubs are not a part of the move. More information is expected soon.

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