Dominican Republic To Offer Free COVID-19 Tests To International Tourists

The government of the Dominican Republic is working on offering free COVID-19 tests to all travellers in a bid to strengthen the capacity of the destination. The ministry of health is set to donate 400,000 antigen tests as part of the Traveller Assistance Plan. The plan is presently provided by the state to all international visitors who stay at hotels within the Dominican Republic. 

Antigen tests will be administered to tourists at no additional cost

The antigen tests are a part of the free plan that will be offered to tourists until March 31. These tests will be administered to hotel guests at no additional cost by health personnel. The result will be certified by the ministry of public health. As for PCR testing, the government has highlighted that the current capacity is 11,000 tests per day. This is a sufficient capacity for locals and visitors. Over the next three weeks, there will also be an increase of 40 percent capacity to allow travellers to return to their own country hassle-free. 

Dominican Republic tourism minister, David Collado said: “The Dominican Republic continues to be committed to offering a safe tourism experience both to those who visit us and for all Dominicans involved in the industry’s supply chain.Therefore we are continuously reviewing measures to offer our visitors the necessary facilities to enjoy a holiday and a return trip with complete peace of mind.”

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