Disney Cruise Line Targets 70 percent Occupancy When Cruising Reopens

To reopen the cruising world in a safe and healthy manner, port authorities have been conducting several meetings. The discussions revolve around how to handle guests and implement the new health measures. 

Recently, Disney Cruise Line (DCL) had expressed an interest in reopening their services. To discuss the embarkation and disembarkation processes, the 2020 Board of Trustees of the Galveston Wharves met for discussion.

Disney Cruise Line is targeting a 70 percent occupancy rate for itineraries aboard the Disney Wonder

According to reports, Rodger Rees, Port Director/CEO, said, “DCL plans to only allow a limited amount of people in the terminal at a time which we currently do with port arrival times. However, it is anticipated the port arrival times will now be enforced to control the gathering of arriving passengers.”

At the moment, DCL is revamping its online check-in process to be in line with the new rules and regulations. 

Disney Cruise


Rees further said that the DCL is targeting a 70 percent occupancy rate for itineraries aboard the Disney Wonder which will depart from Galveston.

This number could be the target number for all DCL cruises departing from any port. In terms of profitability, 30 percent occupancy is good enough for any cruise to bounce back on its feet.

Meanwhile, Walt Disney World has been operating at a bare minimum capacity. With social distancing and other health protocols in place, everything is being done to ensure the health and safety of crew members as well as the guests.

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