Croatia has become the one of the latest country to remove all COVID-related entry restrictions.

Visitors no longer have to submit to testing, show proof of lodging in the country, fill out an online entry form, show proof of vaccination, or go through quarantine.

For the time being, the temporary travel restrictions and rules that were in force until April have been lifted. Travelers can now adhere to the entrance requirements in place before to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Currently, all land, air, and marine routes are open. Even though there are no longer any travel or entry restrictions, travellers are reminded to adhere to health and safety precautions while in the nation. Visitors should also wear masks when taking bus service or eating in indoor eateries. Only in hospital and social welfare facilities are face coverings required.

When visiting public venues such as parks, national parks, and zoos, social distance and other safety and health precautions should be taken. The same rules apply when visiting public places such as beaches and thermal spas.

The great news may be due to high vaccination rates, since the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) reports that 55.4 percent of the Croatian population has received COVID-19 vaccination. Despite the fact that such rates lag behind the average vaccination uptake in EU and EEA countries, vaccination rollouts remain consistent, especially when compared to some other EU countries, such as Bulgaria, which recently announced the repeal of entry restrictions despite having the lowest vaccination rates in the EU.

Croatia, in particular, is 17 percent behind the EU/EEA population in terms of primary vaccination, while Bulgaria is 25.7 percent ahead of Croatia.

In addition, 57.3 percent of Croatians have received the first dose of the anti-COVID vaccine, with 22% receiving the booster shot.

Furthermore, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), 5,207 positive COVID-19 cases have been reported in Croatia in the last seven days, bringing the overall number of infection cases to 1,123,029. Since the pandemic began, the death toll has reached 15,843, with 53 of those deaths occurring in the last week.


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