Cox & Kings To Target Rising Solo Travel Demand

Cox & Kings, a luxury small group tour specialist, has reported an increase in demand for solo travel. During the lockdown and pandemic which saw border closures and cancellation of flights by airlines, travelers are reaching out to see the world even if they aren’t joined by their friends and family.

According to research conducted during the pandemic, solo travel was in the top three 

According to the research conducted during the pandemic, solo travel was in the top three of the types of trip travelers would like to go on. This highlighted the desire of luxury travelers to explore the world post lockdown despite the situations. With no single supplement to pay, the first three solo places booked on selected departures of the most popular trips have been released by Cox & Kings in response to the increased demand.

The Managing Director of Cox & Kings, Kerry Golds, said: “We’re getting the distinct impression from our inquiries that there is pent up demand out there, particularly from solo travelers.”

Making friends when traveling solo isn't always easy

Golds also said: “The British people have wanderlust in their DNA, so it’s no surprise that lockdown was a wakeup call for some people to dust off their bucket list and get something booked no matter if it is without their family and friends.

“We have known for a long time that solo travelers don’t feel they’re well catered for by the travel industry – with high single supplements often quoted as an example of this.”

Further, Golds added: “Now, with the introduction of our new no single supplement for the first three places booked, solo travelers are keen not to miss out – our recent launch to our database generated a 220 percent uplift in inquiries for our 2021 program from solo travelers and some tours have already sold out.”

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