Italian Cruise line Costa cruises unveils Costa Firenze, a new ship in its fleet which will depart on the 4th of July for her maiden cruise. Costa Firenze is inspired by the Florentine Renaissance, a period known for the development of a culture that spread across Europe. It has been designed and built by world-renowned Italian shipbuilding company Fincantieri. The inspiration from the Florentine Renaissance captures in detail the taste for beauty for which the city of Florence is known worldwide. The interiors of the ship reflect the harmony of a walk down square or street in Florence, with its choice of colors, shapes, geometry, and interior design.

“Florence is a universal symbol that shapes everything with its beauty”, said Dario Nardella, Mayor of Florence. “Today, for the first time, the history of our city is enclosed in a jewel of technology with the new Costa Firenze. It is a tribute to the city, but also a concrete opportunity to promote Florence among all those who will come on board this ship for an unforgettable cruise. It is also a great co-marketing operation between the historic Italian company and our city”, added Nardella, “which comes at a time of greater commitment to relaunch European and international tourism in Florence. We are particularly pleased that the ship will call at Dubai for the Expo, where Florence, once again, will play a major role thanks to the most accurate reproduction ever of Michelangelo’s David. More and more, our city is able to promote its own beauty with innovative, original, and far-reaching projects”

Costa cruises unveils Costa Firenze, the delightful atrium ‘Piazza Della Signoria’ is symbolic and pays homage to the Florentine square. Onboard, guests will also be able to experience Florence in terms of food from the Fiorentina Steak house which offers some of the best Tuscan meats, the Frescobaldi wine experience, where guests can experience the Cultivating Toscana Diversity, tasting the Marchesi Frescobaldi wines

“Costa Firenze’s concept is inspired by an iconic city, which represents Italian art, taste, and refinement in the world’s collective imagination. We designed this ship to offer our guests a unique experience, especially for families and couples. Costa Firenze’s cruises start with their inaugural voyage from the 4th of July. The debut of this along with other Costa ships is a chance to promote a new model for tourism. The manifesto states that the Costa Firenze model aims to collaborate with public and private bodies to enhance the excellence of the territories in a sustainable manner.


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