British Airways Offers Companion Vouchers To Solo Travellers


British Airways and American Express have announced that the Companion Voucher now includes new perks for solitary travellers embarking on global excursions.

Cardmembers who have earned a Companion Voucher from September 2021 on either the British Airways American Express® Credit Card or the British Airways American Express® Premium Plus Card can now redeem it for a 50% discount on the Avios cost of booking a solo flight.

This is an additional option that provides travellers with greater flexibility. Cardmembers can still utilise the Companion Voucher to fly with a friend as they did previously, earning a second seat for a companion on the same Reward Flight ticket for no more Avios.

Companion Vouchers are provided to British Airways American Express Cardholders who meet the minimum annual expenditure requirement during their Cardmembership year. They can be redeemed on available British Airways Reward Flights, which do not need to originate in the UK, allowing Cardmembers to book either one journey for 50 percent of the Avios required, or take a second traveller on their journey for no additional Avios, plus taxes, fees, and charges per person.

Additionally, as of today, anyone booking British Airways Reward Flights using a Companion Voucher (either alone or with a companion) will have greater control over their Avios expenditure. They will have a choice of options on how many Avios and how much cash to spend on each booking. Previously, this was limited to a single Avios and cash choice based on the route and cabin.

British Airways American Express Credit Card Companion Vouchers are redeemable in economy cabins whilst British Airways American Express Premium Plus Card Companion Vouchers are redeemable in all cabins. Last year, additional availability in Club World (long-haul business class) was added exclusively for Companion Voucher holders to facilitate redemptions. This additional availability is for individuals using a Companion Voucher acquired since September 2021, whether travelling alone or with a companion.

British Airways’ Head of Retail and Customer Relationship Management, Ian Romanis, stated, “Solo travel is a popular option for our customers, which is reflected in the number of solo bookings we have seen. We’ve listened to our customers and we’ve introduced these exciting changes, understanding that flexibility is more important than ever to them.”

Caroline Bouvet, Vice President at American Express, remarked, “Companion Vouchers are an incredibly valuable benefit for Cardmembers, so it’s exciting that we’ve been able to make it even easier for them to be used on flights. As people return to travel – looking to go away by themselves or with a friend – the British Airways American Express Cards are a great way to turn everyday spending in to travel rewards, and the only way to earn the much-valued Companion Voucher.”


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