As a result of Bali’s new tourist tax, starting from 2024 international visitors will be required to pay 150,000 rupiah to preserve the island’s culture.

The Indonesian resort island of Bali will impose a 150,000 rupiah tax on tourists entering the ‘Island of the Gods’ beginning next year, officials announced on July 12 in an effort to preserve its culture.

Tourist-dependent Bali attracts millions of foreign tourists annually, and the island of beaches is attempting to capitalise on its popularity in order to increase its revenues and preserve its tropical allure.

Bali’s tourist tax: Everything you need to know

Foreign tourists are only required to pay a fee once during their visit to Bali, Governor I Wayan Koster told local legislators. Foreign tourists entering Bali from overseas or other regions of Indonesia will be required to pay the fee electronically, he explained.

The tax will not apply to domestic visitors from Indonesia. More than two million tourists visited the island last year, according to official statistics, as Bali recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic by enforcing a zero-tolerance policy towards rule-breakers.

When asked if the new tax would deter tourists, Koster stated that authorities do not anticipate a decline. ”It’s not a problem. We will use it for the environment, culture and we will build better quality infrastructure so travelling to Bali will be more comfortable and safe,” he told reporters.

The palm-fringed hotspot has pledged to crack down on misbehaving tourists following a spate of incidents involving disrespect for the Hindu-dominated island’s culture. A Danish woman was deported from Bali last month after she was captured on camera flashing while riding a motorcycle. In April, a Russian woman was also expelled from the island for posting a photo of herself naked in front of a sacred tree. As a result of pressure from the island’s immigration office, in June, the local government published a guide for tourists who desire to visit Bali.


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