Antigua And Barbuda Has Now Reopened For Tourists

Antigua and Barbuda has reopened its borders to international travelers. The first flight (American Airlines) carrying residents and tourists from the United States landed on Thursday night. This is part of the country’s first phase of reopening.

The first phase is expected to last from June through September

The first phase will include mandatory temperature checks for all arrivals at the Antigua and Barbuda airports. Anyone entering the facilities is required to wear face masks. Coronavirus tests will also be issued. Flights from more airlines are expected to return to the islands.

Airports will follow similar guidelines as hotels, bars, restaurants, and other tourism-facing establishments. These guidelines were developed by the government and health officials with the help of the World Travel and Tourism Council and the World Health Organization. Hotels and resorts visited by the guests on the islands will have increased cleaning protocols, to provide a more touchless experience. 

Antigua and Barbuda is very popular for its ample beaches. The island, with 365 beaches and plenty of room to exercise social distancing rules, is ready to welcome travelers back. The Caribbean nation is also ready to bring the tourism industry back, as it supports one-third of the jobs on the island. After the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the local economy, the return of travelers is a welcomed moment.

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